the first day of the next year of my life.

Oct31st, sounds like the end of something. But for me it is the first day of retirement.  I started the day with a walk in the Lazy River and 30 minutes of water aerobics.  It would have been easy to stay in bed, but I refuse to fall victim to that scenario.  So up at 5:00 am as has been my usual time.  I took a picture of the sunrise as I arrived at home. Not a great picture, but it is the first.  DH was just leaving to do his workout, so I put away my towel and suit and dressed.  Had breakfast watching the Today Show.   The crew spoofed the Royal Wedding as their Halloween costumes.  What a riot.  I miss Meridith V. She was a hoot as Queen Elizabeth.

We stopped for gas and coffee at the Shell. Drove to Sturgis and stopped to see my Mom. She was already ( at 11:15) sitting at the table ready for lunch.  Well, not really ready, she was napping in her wheel chair.  She recognized us and we wheeled her to the little room across the hall to visit.  I gave her a small bag of M&M’s, since it was Halloween, she said she liked them, but later looked at them, like she wasn’t sure why they were on her lap and what they were.  Staff says that is normal for dementia patients.  The conversation was pretty one-sided, but when I told her Shasta was in college, she did react with surprise or dismay.  I also talked about Maddie having her 2nd birthday, she asked me how I remembered all that, and I told her I have it written down.  I mentioned that I thought I should start a journal, and her response was, “ if that makes you happy!”.  

We drove to RC and had lunch with Jane and Dennis at BeauJo’s pizza. It was very good and we had a nice conversation. Then Steve dropped me at the Thimble Cottage while he went to Who’s Hobby.  When he picked me up, we drove by the new downtown ???????. It was pretty amazing.  I hope it will draw people to Rapid City’s downtown area.  On our way home, we stopped in Spearfish , but Dakota Quilts was closed.  Closed on Sunday and Monday now. Disappointing, but at least now I know.

Home then, to had out candy to the Trick or Treaters.  We had a total of  23.  That is about par for us in good weather.  We had leftover meat, cheese and crackers from my party. Still lots left, will have to think of something creative to do with all of it.  I am sure the desserts are going straight to my hips.


About Judy B

Retired from work after 27 years with the same employer. Still married after 52 years to the same guy. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
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One Response to the first day of the next year of my life.

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I hope you’re enjoying your retirement!

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